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Tilt Canvas Half Sole Contemporary Shoes

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The multiway stretch canvas vamp of Eurotard's half sole dance shoe wraps snuggly around your foot, highlighting and accentuating your lines. Along the bottom is a shock absorbing suede patch covering the ball of your foot; the suede material provides the ideal combination of easy gliding and non-slip traction. Two elastic straps hug your heel, keeping this half sole contemporary shoe securely in place. The pleating under the metatarsals is flattened and elongated to easily accommodate a wide variety of foot shapes and widths.


*NOTE: Always ships packaged in a hangable box.

Fit to adult street shoe size. (US Sizing)

   XS                  S                      M                    L                   XL

  1 -3            3.5 - 5.5               6 - 8           8.5 - 10.5         11 - 13


XS - XL                $26.00

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