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Multi - Color Fan Flags


 Made To Order

This flag is Made-To-Order. Our seamstresses will create each flag for your worship upon order placement.

 Tailoring Time: 5-7 Days +  Shipping Time: 3-7 Days


Take your praise dance ministry to the next dimension with our exquisite multi-colored fan flags. Flags are made from organza (inner color) and shimmery tissue lame (outer color). Many fascinating color combinations available! 55” width.


Flags available to fit 25” or 28” metal or wooden flag shaft/poles. Please specify when ordering which flag shaft sleeve size is needed.


*Please note that the first color listed under color combos is the inner color (Organza) - the second color listed is the outer color (Tissue Lame)


*Flags are sold individually not as a set.

*Flag Pole not included


Price: $55.00 ea.

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