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Sales Tax


If you are a tax exempt organization within the state of Texas, you must first have your account classified as "tax exempt" prior to making a purchase. If you do not have the account classified as "tax exempt" prior to your purchase - you will be charged Texas state sales taxes. (Once sales taxes have been paid we are unable to re-imburse them.)


In order to have your account classified as tax exempt:


1. You must first set up an account in our system.

2. Once you have set up your account in our system contact us and:

    A. Give us the name and email address the account has been set up in.

    B. Provide us with a copy of your organization's tax exempt letter.*

*You can send us a copy of your tax exempt letter via email (, fax (314-300-2497) or snail mail (Divine Inspiration - "Unlimited" - 475 East FM 1382 #3662, Cedar Hill, TX 75104)*


Once the above information/items have been made available to us, we will update your account to "tax exempt" within 24 hrs. of receipt (during normal business hours). You will then be able to make your purchase/s tax free!!!

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